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    Dear Lord God

    This is a prayer that I got via e-mail and it moved me so much and made me think too. I just wanted to share it with you all.

    Dear Lord God,
    Look in my heart
    and see if there be anything
    that would be against you.
    And if there is Lord God,
    please get it out of there.

    Cleanse me of all
    unrighteousness Father,
    through the blood that
    was shed from your
    Dear Son Jesus at Calvary.

    Because of His Blood Father,
    I am made clean and whole again.
    Because of His Blood Father,
    I am able to be seen by you again.
    Because of His Blood Father,
    I am able to come boldly to the Throne of Grace.

    Oh, Dear God, heal me.
    Please God, prepare me for my Homegoing.
    I want to be able to stand in your presence,
    totally unashamed.

    Let all my sin
    be in the sea of forgetfulness.
    Please let it be as if the sin
    had never been done.
    I have grieved
    so much because of my humanity.
    I have grieved,
    but there will be a time
    that all these tears will be gone.
    I will never shed another tear,
    when I am Home with you.
    Why would we cry when we are Home,
    unless it be for joy?

    Thank you Father,
    for hearing this prayer,
    this cry to you this morning.
    I know you hear my heart
    and you will heal it as well.
    I always look to you for my deliverance.
    Who else but You Lord God, would I,
    or could I count on for that Hope?
    None other.

    With All My Heart,

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    thank you for sharing fearnot :love: its very touching :love:
    :love: I'm not where I want to be, but Thank God I'm not where I used to be,
    I'm OK and I'm on my way :love:

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    Thank you for sharing that sister
    Sing me a Song of Praise and Glory l Facebook

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