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Relationship reconciliation and restoration

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by Dianna Jagessar, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. #1 Dianna Jagessar, Sep 24, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2012
    Hey you guys out there reading this right now. i really need you guys to pray for my relationship with my boyfriend. two years and almost three months ago, i prayed for God to send "the one" for me and God sent him. his name is Anil Avinash Jagdeo. since i'd met him i continuously pray and ask God for signs about our relationship and our future with each other and God has kept on showing me even though we broke up one month and three weeks ago that it is God's will for Anil and i to get married to each other, have a happy home, a happy life, a happy family and a happy relationship with each other and each other only. i've been trying to tell Anil but he won't listen to me. i need you guys to pray for God's miracle of reconciliation and restoration upon Anil's and i relationship with each other. i hurt him in the past but God knows i didn't mean to. i just really want Anil to realize that i am changed and that i love him and i want him to know the will of God that God has shown me through fast and prayer concerning our relationship. please guys i plead to you to pray and support me in this time that God will reconcile and restore Anil's and i relationship with each other very soon. i know and believe that with God all things are possible and i pray that God brings back Anil to me very soon. thanks and please keep praying for this for me.
  2. God cannot force His will upon anyone. Pray the conviction of the Holy Spirit upon you both.
  3. Indeed, God has limited Himself, when He gave us the right choose Him or not to choose Him. God will not force feed us. We eat what ever we want to eat or spit out of even His Word.

    Nevertheless, what the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous person can do is cause God to speak to a person's heart.

    Then, if God does speak to the person's heart, the person has the choice of listening and obeying or ignoring and proceeding along his own pathway.
  4. Wow,

    I need to let you know from the get go that I had the opposite problem. I had a guy tell me when we met that God told him that I would be his wife. I had a very loving boyfriend at the time who I loved dearly and intended to marry when I graduated. The guy managed to drive a wedge between me and my boyfriend and my beloved boyfriend ended up marring someone else (who looked just like me/ I know freaky).

    Long story short, for many years I was tormented by this guy. Within me, I did not want to go against God. I believed the guy when he said "God told him...". I WAS A FOOL.

    I came to find out that he lied. God didn't tell him that and he just said it as a pick up line because he knew I was a Christian. I learned the hard way that if God says something like that to one, He will also tell the other. If not, it is not God.

    Many very unhappy years and some of the deepest pain I have ever known was caused by that Spiritual Abuse. I thank God that His Holy Spirit finally got through to me that the guy was a liar and manipulator and God rescued me from the guys grasp Palm Sunday Weekend 1985. God did another miracle in my life Easter Weekend 1985 too, but that is another story.

    My Advice is to let God be God. Trust Him to guide you along the path of life and be careful not to spiritually abuse the one you claim to love.
  5. If God told you that Anil is the one, then God MUST confirm this to Anil also. Marriage is serious and sober matter. Therefore
    you will need to wait for Anil to receive that conviction and confirmation from God that you are the one HE has chosen
    for him. The will of God MUST be revealed to both of you individually, Anil cannot go on your word.
  6. hi you guys jus wanna say thanks and God richly bless you...........please keep praying for me to live a good life pleasing to God....

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