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    You were held before. The Lord today..!

    Father as our youth face this tragic event with us I pray you protect there hearts and minds that depression and fear not set in as a foot hold that Phil 4 :8 be there banner WhT so ever things are pure of good report ,honorable and of good virtue .if there be any praise think on these things ..Father. Keep them safe in the school that we must send them to .let our children be used of you Lord to counsel those around them..Let our children set the pace not the world these things I ask in Jesus name ..Rev
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    If only more people everywhere would even think about God and what He can do instead of what they can or cannot do.

    After hearing the bare essentials of the tragic event, I turned off several newcasts because they got into discussions with apparent experts talking about the supposed psychological causes and needs of the situation.

    What about looking to God?

    I am praying with you here Brother Perkins!
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    Amen! Joining in prayer as well!
    Do not look to dead things for life. Seek the Spirit while it may yet be found.

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