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    The Truth is been shown, spoken and read. 100% Truth is the only thing welcomed at Talk Jesus Forums.

    Thread locked.

    God bless you all

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    I have re-opened this thread to allow *truthful, civilized discussion*

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    Originally Posted by Sleepy View Post
    I cannot help but feel uncomfortable about this. I think that catolicism has its place. I am from a protestant background and have attended catholic and protestant schools, methodist, baptist, Cof E, pentescostal and catholic churches. All these places in my experience held Christ at the centre of their faith, all followers either loved or desired to love God.

    All were also different in their emphasis. It is my belief that if Jesus walked today he would value all and as he did in scripture and perhaps have something to say about the differences we create. For he spoke to elders who preached that specific rituals ought to be followed to be right with God and I think this is speaking to all the denominations of christianity who preach to one another as to what makes someone more christian in todays world.

    Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life. No-one comes to the father except through me.

    The catholic church that was the based in Europe that gave rise to protestantism, evangelical movements etc. I cannot believe that the souls of the past who followed christ faithfully in their devotion aren't with Christ at this very moment because they were unable to access the modern day christian beliefs. It doesn't make sense to me, focus on being christlike. He is our example. I know this won't be popular and I hope people see what I really mean to say and that it is written from the heartwhich craves unity and understanding.
    Agreed. Catholics, Orthodox and Protestans all three agree on the Nicean and Apostles' Creed. And notice how many Protestant writers quote Catholic writers like St. Augustine in positive fashion.

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    Listen this may sound silly?
    But it is very serious!

    We are the body,HE is the head.
    No one in the body or even all together , Can do anything , Without the head guiding them?
    In other wards?

    He alone we follow, It is very clear.
    When anyone on earth, Be it the pope or a preacher or a teachers, Starts deciding for other how they should live or obey a person or people?

    Then it is 100% wrong
    All of us can judge evil and right!

    We know if we are sinning?
    But,If we say ? We live by how chad or gary or the pope says we should live , Then ?

    We are not following the LORD , But people!
    Many groups set up men or women , And follow that person as if they were the SAVIOR, Our LORD JESUS CHRIST!

    Many think more of where they go to church , than the LORD!
    Some even fight against there brothers and sisters over there church?
    As if it counts more than The BODY of our LORD!

    This is very evil!
    Belonging to a church or group can mean more to some than life its self!
    Isn"t that SAD?

    I see this much on many sites, So many follow people instead of our LORD!

    I went to a camp meeting that lasted a few days!
    A guy told me the pastor said this and that?

    I said , Brother , that is not in the bible and gave the scriptures!
    He said, but the pastor said!

    I ask him ?

    Are you going to follow the LORD or the pastor?

    Now , it is true ? We can find scriptures to prove many points?
    But not in TRUTH.
    Al;l scripture to flow together in the new testament perfectly.

    If one scripture counters another?
    Then we must find out Why?
    I think?

    It is always our understanding lacking!
    We have something out of place!
    Because , I know and am certain, They fit perfectly together!

    We can never toss out any scripture, never!
    When we call ourselves a baptist or a church of GOD or any certain type?

    We have in fact ,separated our selves from all other christains.

    I went to a church once, The pastor ask me to go door to door with him?
    I said ? Yes! but said? I will not lift up our church , but only the LORD!
    He said? Forget it gary!

    The point being? He was not interested in making the LORD JESUS CHRIST , the main point and there for Salvation to all we spoke with.
    But wanted to get more into his church!

    No doubt in my mind? Had he been willing to lift up our LORD?
    He surly would have gain , more in the church!

    We many times , defeat ourselves , by having the wrong motives!
    Our motives Must always to lift HIM up first, Even in our praying!
    His Word ,His desire .

    Then , He blesses us!
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    Originally Posted by MAJ52653 View Post
    Agreed. Catholics, Orthodox and Protestans all three agree on the Nicean and Apostles' Creed. And notice how many Protestant writers quote Catholic writers like St. Augustine in positive fashion.
    You can agree all you want. I do not care who [sinners] quotes who [sinners]. I care what Jesus did and what GOD's Living Word, the Bible says. It is truth. You support false teachings? That's between you and GOD, but false teaching is not welcomed here.

    In love, we rebuke and teach just as Scripture clearly says to do so. If one is too prideful and arrogant to confess their wrongs, that's their own problem. If one refuses to let go of the man-made religious non-sense, the deceit of the devil behind these things then we cannot force them to let go. I do not personally care to be labeled any denomination name, to be called Protestant or Baptist or Mormon or anything. I care to tell people I am a Christian and I love Jesus. I care to preach to them about the love of GOD in Christ and eternal life in Jesus. I care to teach and preach about forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ alone.

    Why on earth would people not just stick with the Word and Jesus? Why would one not care to truly give their heart to GOD and surrender themselves? It is foolishness if you ask me. Is someone going to "hail mary" in front of Jesus Christ in Heaven? No. Is someone going to do their rituals with the rosary in Heaven? No.

    For the love of GOD...its all about Jesus. Show me one verse where GOD was concerned about calling this group Protestant, another group another denomination name, another group this or that. Show me ANY verse that says Mary can answer your prayers, show me any Scripture that mentions anything about the rosary. You get the point now.

    2 Timothy 4:1-3

    Preach the Word

    1 I charge you therefore before God and the Lord Jesus Christ, who will judge the living and the dead at[a] His appearing and His kingdom: 2 Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching. 3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers;

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    that is an awesome post - very timely for me to read as I have someone asking about catholics. Let me say that I know very little about that religion except my uncle paid to have my father prayed for AFTER he died. I am so grateful he was a Christian, but he told me never to give up, he knew I had prayed for him most my adult life.
    Thanks again and keep up the good work!!!
    blessed be the name of the Lord!

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    Good post, Chad.

    Mary was indeed a very good person and God chose her to be Jesus's earthly mother. But she is not someone to be prayed to and not even Joseph. Jesus had them as parents during his stay on earth, just as we have our parents. Yahweh is His father and we are given salvation through Jesus. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life and whoever believes in Him shall be saved.

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    The answer is in front of your face, you even quoted it.

    "I care what Jesus did and what GOD's Living Word, the Bible says. It is truth"

    What Scripture itself says is solely what I believe is truth from GOD. Its very simple and basic. No hidden secrets, no tricks, no swaying around with traditional man-made doctrines.

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    Re: Christian or Catholic?

    The Catholic Church teaches that their tradition is equal to the Bible in importance. Isn't that similar to what the Jewish leaders of Jesus' day did? They took the Law of Moses and added some six hundred rules to it (the traditions of men).

    Instead of condemning the Catholic Church and its teaching, we need to pray for them in the spirit of love. The winds of Holy Spirit change are blowing through the Catholic Church, a great shaking is beginning. The pedophile scandal was only the beginning of the beginning.

    I want to be a coin in God's pocket that He can spend any way He wishes.

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    I know of a lot of people who are put off being a Christian because of how Catholics stand on certain issues for eg contraception. My bro in law is currently volunteering in Africa for a few months and has said how angry he is that the Catholics there have banned condoms. The AIDS virus is spreading at a fast rate and peple are dying. His gf is working with children who have AIDS and is also angry. this is just an example but there are many more.
    Not only that but scandals like rape and pornography amongst priests.

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