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    Please pray for my divine, saftey, protection, mercy and favor

    Please pray for my divine, safety, protection, mercy and favor today.

    In the power of almighty God, let you will be done today. Keep me humble, Lord and poised and strong in faith. Let me have divine favor wherever I go today. Let me have holy favor, grace and mercy with every person and situation today. Let the divine understanding, the divine communication and the divine plan come from every work and encounter today. Let me see and hear and speak only Gods love in every instance and situation and person. Let me be divinely received with favor everywhere I go. Let Gods love pour out of me and touch every person who sees me, whom I speak to, whom I hear. Let Gods mercy for me follow me throughout this day, let His mercy be the foundation and object of every word in conversation, let His mercy be the foundation and object of every thought, understanding, and action today. Give me favor and mercy everywhere I go God. Give me favor and mercy with every person today. Give me favor and mercy with every situation today. Give my favor and mercy in mutual understanding today. Give me favor and mercy with every policy today. Give me favor and mercy in mutual comprehension today. I confess my sins to you God. You know what I have and have not done. You know what I need and desire. You know my heart. Give me supreme protection from all, evil, distractions, misunderstandings, danger, mistakes and harm today. God, thank you, for making seeing eyes blind, and blind eyes see. Your word is so powerful, you make everything around it, line up with it. God, your word will work, You can make a way where there is no way. Thank you for letting me walk today in supernatural grace and mercy, favor and poise. Give me redemption, protection and mercy today. I thank you for this God. I thank you that your arm of divine and fierce protection goes out before me and covers and protects my interests in all situations today. I thank you for restoring my soul, my success, my safety, my career, my freedom and liberty in all things today. Give me wisdom everywhere I go. Anoint every room with favor for me today. Anoint every room I walk into with the protective power, mercy, favor, and love of the Holy Spirit today. Anoint every person in every room. Give me the divinely perfect person today. Let me talk to the divinely perfect person today. Let there be perfect divine comprehension, and favor and mercy and understanding between all involved. You word will work. Thank you for your hedge of protection. Thank you for guiding me and my thoughts in love. Evil is not real and leaves no stain. Thank you God, Hallelujah!. Thank you for being with me Lord. Fix this situation today Lord. There is no loss, no mistakes, no lack of comprehension, no lack at all in the Kingdom, s i give thanks that I walk in mercy and grace, success and abundance today. Thank you God!. Thank you for having me walk on holy ground where every I go. Thank you for letting me walk in the reality of redemption mercy everywhere I Go. I have poise. I have faith. I am strong in the lord and the power of his might to cover this situation and fix it to my favor. Every where I go let people want to enthusiastically help me. Thank you God. Thank you for Blessing me, others, our language, my finances, my travel, freedom and safety, my career, my work and my family. I will walk and live in the power of the Father Son and Holy Spirit spirit today!. And with this power I ask that all of this manifest and becomes flesh in my life, right now, with mercy and in grace, in a divinely perfect way, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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    Stay strong in the faith sister. Praying for you!
    Do not look to dead things for life. Seek the Spirit while it may yet be found.

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    Also praying.

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