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    Need rest, please pray

    For the last 2-3 years, a lot of demand has been put on me to help out with my grandchildren.. I have 3 but I look after my 2 year old grandson, and while it isn't full time, it's enough days that makes it too much for me. He needs my constant attention, so it seems I can do little else. By the time he goes home, I'm exhausted. I often don't have the time to do the things I need to, to look after myself. I neglect myself to help them. I am not well with my health, so need to find the time to concentrate on myself with proper diet, proper rest and elimination of stress. Please pray that God will give me strength and that He will stretch my time, so I will be able to do both, look after the kids, and also look after myself.

    LORD, hear my prayer. You know I love my grandchildren and want to help. Why is it so tiring for me? Restore my strength, my health, and help my mind and body to care of the children and still take proper care of myself, In Jesus Name, thank You, Amen
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    Saying a pray for you sister!!
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    I am praying for you and your situation.

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