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    Please pray for suicidal online friend

    Please can you pray for Jolyon - I have come to know him as an online friend and he has confided in me that he is planning to commit suicide very soon and is actually packing everything in his home for preparation. He is not a Christian and really needs a miracle to happen to prevent him from doing this.

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    Praying for Him.

    That he has confided in you is a good sign. Perhaps he is seeking help. The more prayer he receives the better. I guess you've tried inviting him to post a prayer request here himself?

    God shine a light all round him to penetrate the darkness within and may he perceive a ray for hope from our God of Love!

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    Thank you Daniel. I think he may have gone. I have no way of reaching him other than email and he was extremely isolated. I don't know what to think.
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    Ultimately we are all in God's hands. If he is gone he is beyond our help and will meet with Christ. We are the author of our own lives only all we can do is pray in a situation like this and to keep an open door.

    Him may be still with us but if he has left, then having someone at the end to say good buy to will have been important I think. Hold onto that an keep praying!


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