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    Poem: Succeeding Through Our Struggles, Striving For Excellence:


    Life is a journey, live it
    But having some struggle make me want to quit
    I've had so many disappointments and trials
    Some truths I cannot face I'm in denial
    Still I realize life can't be that bad
    Inspite of the many obstacles I've had
    But that was yesterday when a child came along
    And with today came a new dawn.

    The road I've been traveling on
    There were so many battles to be won
    I did not give up because I had a child
    Because that was a setback that only lasted for a while
    I'll strive for excellence I'll not qut now
    Because I will overcome my struggles somehow
    I'm determine to succeed nonetheless
    And whatever I do it will be my best.

    If I'm going to succeed
    I must pay special attention to my needs
    Discipline is my most difficult task
    And why/ One may ask
    You see it builds moral and mental character
    And they are important factors
    I will acknowledge my many mistakes
    And realize they are ones I didn't have to make.

    Succeeding through our struggles, striving for excellence
    Some of us were even victims of physical violence
    We embrace the struggles that came to make us strong
    And the persons who made us feel that we do belong
    Opportunity is but once in a lifetime
    So today is my day to shine
    Shine I will not allow my yesterday to follow me
    Because today I'm striving for excellence I'm going to my destiny.

    Written By: Victoria Coakley

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    Hi Short Lady,

    Thats a great Poem,

    Every day we have the choice to live fully. Attitude, after all, is everything.

    God Bless

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