As I sit herethinking
having just reachedthe sixty mark
an awful lot hashappened in that time
these times havebeen both light and dark

It seems justyesterday that I left school
and now I amenjoying retirement
so many memories tolook back upon
much filled withlove and sentiment

Having loved andgrieved in that time
now have loved myChristine so love came again
have battled withstammer all of life
trying every methodto make words blend

Music has alwaysbeen a favourite art
especially love forclassical was great
loved the movies andnature too
recent love ofpoetry writes and read till late

The biggest changewas 30 years past
when God in Christ Idid meet
giving me a newfound love
to fall unreservedlyat His feet

Jesus was now mygreatest love
being crucified on Golgotha’s hill
for my sins His lifeHe gave
so my soul now knewbe still

I began life anadopted child
God in Hisprovidence took good care
always holding me inHis hands
together now we walkas a pair

stormomar 2013