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    Don't judge a book by it's cover
    The pages are all worn
    Many years of constant toil
    Have left them thin and torn
    It gives a good appearance
    Belying what's inside
    Perhaps you call it death to self
    As God dissolves our pride.

    He carefully takes the cover off
    The pages fall to bits
    We're dependent on the One
    Who on our throne now sits
    Slowly He rebuilds our lives
    He puts things into place
    Not as quickly as we'd like
    But at His perfect pace.

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    Very nice poem Anglican, did you write it?
    Religion is an ugly tyrant.

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    Cry for help

    Here I sit inside my cell
    Imprisoned by my mind
    The world goes by without my help
    It manages, I find
    The dark and dingy place I live
    Brings comfort to my soul
    For I am safe inside my tower
    My non demanding hole.

    Created by almighty God
    We've kept apart, so far
    I know He'd like to call me son
    But I'm locked in my jar
    I'm heading for a future, dark
    I'm following the one
    Who hates the ground I stand upon
    But where else can I run.

    I'm getting quite depressed, right now
    To think, there is a way
    Of getting out of this dark cell
    So I can go and play
    With Father God, who loves me so
    His Son was killed for me
    Oh come and rescue me, right now
    And end this misery.

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    id say this is right on for those lost and in darkness ..real insightful poem thank you.!

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    All the power that I possess
    Is given by The One
    Who died upon a cross for me
    Yes Jesus, Gods' own Son
    Whenever I go travelling
    He's there to bring me back
    There's no place I'd rather be
    With Him there is no lack.

    I've often wandered off the path
    It doesn't feel quite right
    Searching places in the world
    The daylight turns to night
    Soon I get to realise
    There is one place to be
    Back within my Fathers' will
    His perfect plan for me.

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    Trust him

    The world is full of dread and fear
    God says “ Do not fear “
    We are heading for a fall
    He says “ I am here”
    As we look around our earth
    The future is not bright
    Time to choose the road to walk
    Better get it right.

    When we asked Lord Jesus in
    Into our rotten state
    He said we would ride the storms
    As He controlled our fate
    Standing tall despite the winds
    That try to blow us down
    Will be a beacon to the ones
    Who wear a worried frown.

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    We stumble blindly in this life
    Not knowing what we're for
    Wondering what our purpose is
    Striving even more
    To find the meaning of our walk
    The gifts we have been given
    It drives us mad to see the light
    Where shadows have been driven.

    In simple terms, we are equipped
    With everything we need
    To cast our salt on people's chips
    The hungry mouth's to feed
    We are the difference in this life
    The light on people's murk
    So do your best with what you are
    Don't let the shadows lurk.

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    I choose

    I choose to let You shine Your light
    Into my darkness deep
    Those areas of septic waste
    Where no-one ever peeps
    Conglomerate of past and fear
    That’s built a wall so thick
    Transforming one so beautiful
    Into someone so sick
    You have the power to reach into
    The cesspit of my life
    To chip away the barnacles
    Of bitterness, pain and strife
    Come delve into this soggy mess
    A barrier to You
    Change me into Your dear child
    So I can romp with You.

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    I still can't fully understand
    That when I asked Him in
    He should choose to spend His time
    Sorting through my sin
    Surely it was rather grim
    Without the aid of gloves
    Sweeping up the mess of me
    That shows He is love.

    He must have done a proper job
    I'm feeling so much cleaner
    Bloated with my excess sin
    I'm looking so much leaner
    If you let Him in your rooms
    That you've kept locked for years
    He will lighten all your dark
    And dry your bitter tears.

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    What's the use of being frank
    When your name is Ted
    Driving through life like a tank
    Not where you are led
    Give again your tepid lives
    Strictly to The Lord
    Then you'll know that you and Him
    Are in one accord
    For dodgy times are happening
    Everywhere we look
    And all the answers to our walk
    Are found in God's own book
    So let us take this seriously
    And spend some time with Him
    Who has a purpose meant for us
    Let not our light grow dim.

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