I never meant to do anything bad, see anything bad

I never wanted to be just another fad

But I was caught unaware, the evil was already there and oh how it


Like a fish bobbing in the water fighting the air

This hook, how it tears

The skin rises up to bridge over the wound

When your soul is a scab, then you know you are consumed

Now here I am, the girl who had the plan

On my knees begging Lord please, set me free of sins disease

This life is like a sneeze, your in your out

Count 1 2 3

Don't let that be me, wasted away

Once the damage is done, you cant go back

The innocence you lost you can't retract

Sure you can feel her there inside and it makes you cry

The world couldn't touch her, because she could fly

But the pull, that hook, that sucking embrace

This sinful world loves to take

So you brush off the pain, the scathing memories and hurtful games

Being born of the Spirit means the flesh can't win

You become a soldier like me and rise again

Copyright 2011 Julie Everson