This was the last poem I have done in quite awhile.
This poem I wrote feeling like I was being attacked by Satan himself.
This poem I say when I'm feeling at my lowest point and that I feel like it will never stop.

Devil be gone
you'll never be needed
You'll never be welcomed
and you'll never be greeted

You try owning soul after soul
by making a fancy deal
But this true Christian knows
Your deals aren't real

For I'll always have news for you
For the Lord my God
will be tops in my life
forever it's true

You can't take away any sin
So no door is open
I'm not letting you in

Jesus has the power
to do so much more
So to him I open my door

For he makes promises
That I know he will keep
He guides and leads me
Even during my sleep

So devil be gone
You'll never be needed
You'll never be welcomed
You'll never be greeted
copyright 2008 Anna M.