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    Sep 2009

    I NeeD ThEE! 116

    As i sit here and ponder,
    on exactly what it is that makes me wonder
    I realize that life is just one big blunder.
    You see, without Christ our life is a turptitude,
    but accept His spiritual food and we become like the multitude.
    Amazing grace, how sweet the sound,
    can you hear it ringing or are you lost and NOT found?
    I need thee, o I need thee,
    every hour Lord you feed me!
    You give me the grace to stand and fight another day,
    and the love and Peace to realize everything will be ok!
    With Jesus, life is like russian roulette, with a full clip,
    pull the trigger, committ suicide daily, but RESURRECT!
    I need Thee Lord i need Thee,
    I know that i am a blunder
    But You, yes You, you make me a Wonder!

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    It is true that without Christ,
    Life just doesn't have a purpose...
    We may as well be the sum of our parts...

    To die may be gain,
    but to live is Christ.

    May your light so shine that
    all may see your good works my friend...
    Yours in Christ,

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    With Jesus, life is like russian roulette, with a full clip,
    pull the trigger, committ suicide daily, but RESURRECT!

    that bar right there was incredibly powerful. The blessing of it is when we pray, we dont see results right away, but if we stay steadfast in his word, it will come to pass. We have a full clip, but someof us et scared to even use it, and there are those of us who only shoot off one prayer and feel God doesnt hear us; which is not true at all.

    Great piece! Started simple, but ended with Power... Amen!

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    Great poem!

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