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    Itís A Miracle

    Itís A Miracle

    A fishermen gets stranded out at sea running out of hope
    Been days since he had a bite to eat only water was mildew
    Just when all hope is lost down to the last breath was saved

    A man lay in a hospital bed a husband of three covered in burns
    Third degree the doctors said might not survive the night with tears
    Two days later standing over his grave a boy says least he's in heaven

    Here we have two stories one the miracle clearly is seen, second hidden
    Questions of why save the one and let the other pass away to God above
    But truth of the matter is even though canít see it now, its a miracle

    A new born baby lay in a special unit unable to be touched or to be held
    The mothers eyes filled with tears every time it cried wanting to be held
    Then all of a sudden would stop crying as if being held by hidden arms

    A prostitute living in on the streets struggling just to survive the nights
    Wakes up to tears dried on her pillow eyes swollen from crying to sleep
    Just barely sees the steeple and cry's out to Jesus save me

    Here we have two stories one clearly a miracle is seen, second no one sees
    But truth of the matter is itís a miracle just the same from the Lord that loves
    Jesus will hold us grown or as a newborn baby when we cry His name

    Itís a Miracle wether we understand or have more questions in our eyes
    Miracles don't just come and go they happen every second of every day
    Even if that miracle takes them to heaven or saves us from more shame

    The Heavenly Father heard our heart cry's, saw our tears, felt our pains
    Came down with arms held wide open after hugging us saying its alright
    Took some nails and wood fixed everything even made a tree house

    Itís a Miracle even if no one else believes or sees beyond the wood and nails
    They may even think its childish to be up in this tree house made by God
    But to me itís a miracle to be in this secret place built just for me by Christ

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    thats a very nice piece!
    take me out of this dark my Lord...I don't wanna be here!

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