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    My Father In Heaven, a prayer poem


    My Father In Heaven

    My Father who is in heaven Holy is your name, Your kingdom comes
    Your will be done as it is in heaven, give me my daily bread, forgive me
    Of my ways as I forgive their ways, lead me away from temptation, evil

    My Father who is in heaven I lift your holy name on high with praises
    Even though I don’t always feel or want to I need to praise your name
    Even when feeling down or after losing everything I need to praise you

    My Father who is in heaven give me my daily bread feed my mind, body and soul
    Feed me with your bread soaked in your blood since you said bread doesn’t work alone
    Wash me clean of my impurities of thoughts that infect my tongue my body and my soul

    My Father who is in heaven I ask that your will be done as it is in heaven
    May your will be done in healing ____ may your will be done with ____
    May your will be done in giving ____ the Miracle thank you for your blessings

    My Father in heaven lead me away from temptation keep me away from evil
    Have your Spirit lead me through the shadow of death to your still waters
    Lead me to where I can finally see your face, your eyes that saw my worth

    My Father in heaven I lift your name on high I shout to you with praises
    I lift my arms up to you for our Holy embrace the hug that melts all hurt
    We share whispers of love and thanks that makes all things better Amen

    My Father in heaven even though amen was said you know it
    The line stays open the whispers of love and thanks go on
    Thank you My Father in heaven for always being there

    Dear reader feel free to fill in the blanks your desires to God

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    After i read this poem my heart started to give thanks to the King because who He is!
    He's our Healer, He's our daily bread, He's our love, He's our everything!

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