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    How To Teach Children About Jesus

    How To Teach Children About Jesus
    by Charles Stanley

    For too many children today, Easter is solely a time of painting pastel-colored eggs, searching for treasures on an Easter egg hunt, and digging through an Easter basket for chocolate bunnies
    While these festivities are an enjoyable way for the family to participate in something traditional, they can easily trivialize the Christian meaning of Easter.

    One of the most important responsibilities Christian parents have is to teach their children about Jesus Christ. Yet countless children grow up knowing Christ only through what they learn from second-hand sources. The sketchy images these encounters with God imprint on their minds can range anywhere from a drill sergeant to . . . well, the Easter bunny.

    In order for children to digest the authentic Easter message, Christís sacrificial death on a cross, they must have a context in which to put the person of Jesus Christ. When the Gospel is glossed over by lighthearted scenarios that donít mirror real life, children can be led into thinking Christianity amounts only to an untainted notion of perfectionism. The real storyĖa story about tarnished and degenerate souls who were saved by Christís unconditional love, redeemed by the miracle of His death, and blessed with a living hope for all eternityĖis as relevant to children today as it always has been. The story never changes, but, in a modern context, the way we tell it does.

    You can provide that context for your children by simply talking about Jesus on a regular basis, by living the principles of your faith, and by praying with your children.

    Talk to your children about Jesus.

    "You shall teach them diligently to your sons and shall talk of them when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up. You shall bind them as a sign on your hand and they shall be as frontals on your forehead. You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates" (Deuteronomy 6:7-9).

    Children glean an enormous amount of wisdom from listening to their parents talk. References to the Lord and your beliefs should permeate your daily conversations. Give thanks to the Lord not only at meal time but when your prayers are answered. Be specific in thanking Him for His provision and care. Give Him the glory when things work out better than youíd hoped they would, and ask Him for guidance when you face big decisions.

    Reading from the Scriptures on a regular basis is a direct and effective way to bring about discussions concerning Christ. Bibles for children and even toddlers are available for parents who wish to begin early. By reading through the Scriptures, you can address personally any questions your children may have about biblical events and monitor their spiritual growth. Taking every opportunity to teach them object lessons about Jesus can provide your children with a framework in which to understand the story of His miraculous life and death.

    Live the principles of your faith every day.

    "Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven" (Matthew 5:16).

    It is important for Christian parents to walk their talk. When you make claims about the Scriptures and Godís righteousness, your children will watch to see how you live out those lessons. The closest earthly equivalent to our Father in heaven is our father at home. Christ-like parents are the best witnesses a child can have.

    By treating others and your children the way Christ would treat them, your love and respect for Jesus will be an obvious and understood priority. If your children see Christís love modeled in their home, they will have a relevant perspective from which to view His love on Calvary.

    Part of understanding Christís love for humanity is understanding His authority. By making Jesus the boss of your home, you can show your children how God can love them and demand their utmost at the same time. How many times do your children ask why they must do what you ask them to do? Itís easy to answer that question by saying, "Because I said so and Iím your parent." This response may leave children wondering if their parents must obey anyone. But by submitting yourself to the Scriptures and explaining that obedience to your children, you can give them a sense of accountability that will follow them long after they leave home.

    Pray with your children.

    "Pray without ceasing" (1 Thessalonians 5:17). Teaching your children to pray is arguably one of the best ways to teach them about Christ. Many adults today learned to pray by kneeling and reciting scripted prayers. While this can be meaningful, children can develop a more personal relationship with God by praying from their hearts instead of the written page.

    Prayer is our direct line to God.

    Relationships are deepened when two people open their hearts and tell each other their innermost secrets. Prayer can be enriched by the same candid transparency. Teach your children to share their hearts with the Lord at an early age. Teach them to confide everything in Him. If your child can share everything about himself or herself with God without being ashamed or afraid, you will have gone a long way toward building an essential component in his or her relationship with the LordĖtrust. In order to understand and believe the Easter message, we have to trust the One who gave it to us.

    The Easter story of Christís death on a cross can be a complex, mysterious, and even painful message to understand. However, children who learn a gospel in which poignancy is substituted with germinal customs get shortchanged. Parents need not rely on mechanisms to teach biblical truth. By talking to your children about Jesus, living the principles of the Christian faith, and praying with your children, you can prepare them to hear and understand the most profound truth they will ever encounter.

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    My daughter is four, and about a year ago i started to introduce her to Jesus,

    i explained how Jesus is like a superhero, and It is Jesus who keeps us safe, and when we get upset its to Jesus we pray, my daughter once hearing Jesus was better than superman, she is now so proud at the fact she is friends with the coolest superhero. A few weeks back my daughters cousin was nervous about a storm we were having, my daughter told him in a big proud voice ,not to be worried because we have own superhero watching over our house and this hero was the strongest in the whole world, i had to laugh. I think she is starting to understand just how amazing Jesus is.

    God Bless xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Mounty :shade:

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    Thank you Chad for this awesome teaching...
    I agree with you mounty, raising up kids in God's way is the best life you can ever give to your child.

    My daugher is only 2years and few months, i dedicated her to God while still on my womb and introduced her to Jesus when she started talking. Now she knows how to pray, worship and praise God.(Please read my post on this thread-Raising up great kids) As young as she is, she recently joined praise and worship in our church, she loves the song "Jesus You're my firm foundation"

    A week ago we visited our pastor and his daughter pulled my kids hair, from that time onwards there was tension, they dint want to play three days after she amazed me, as our usual routine we normally pray the first thing in the morning. I give her a chance to pray first then i conclude, she remembered the pulling of hair incident and this is how she prayed and i quote "Thank you Lord for M...(Mentioned all the members of our family plus my pastors family) bless them, bless mummy as she goes to buy me sweet....bless daddy as he goes to work....bless baby X SHE DINT TALK TO ME BUT bless her Lord in Jesus name,AMEN!! "

    She forgave her from the bottom of her heart. I was so pleased to hear this kind of prayer from a 2 year old kid. This challenged me, if this little girl can forgive and forget so fast, what about me?
    "He's blessed me in heavenly realms with ALL spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus" Eph.1:3:heart8:

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    This is awesome Chad! Thank you. I have a son who continues to struggle with his belief. He is desperate need of faith but everything I attempt to share with him from the bible he just shirks it off. I pray daily for him and for myself.
    :clapping: Luke 1:37 - "For with God nothing will be impossible."

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    If i may ask bunnytus, how old is your son? if he's under five, can you teach him the bible in a story version rather than reading to him or buy him kids dvd for worship and praise, this i bet will energize him. Just anything that will associate with him, hoping this works.
    "He's blessed me in heavenly realms with ALL spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus" Eph.1:3:heart8:

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    Hey Mounty,

    Great idea representing Jesus as a Superhero. This concept is something that every child can get excited about. After all, God is the ULTIMATE Superhero!

    Good call, my friend.
    Greater is He that is in ME than he that is in the world.

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