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    How can you get back to where you was before you backslid?

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    Simple really;
    Confess, believe He hears, know He has forgiven you, and press on
    However; He does not want to take you where you were, He wants to take you somewhere better and deeper in His great Love.
    This is the path:

    Know (believe Him) that He wants to come, wants to move in your life, and wants to hold you near and dear to His heart. Any thought or emotion that tells you otherwise is a deception to be cast aside-choose to believe Him at His Word.

    Read His Word; ask the Holy Spirit to reveal it to you and show you how it applies to your life. Even if it seems dry at first do not be discouraged, He will speak to you.

    Worship; spend an hour or two pressing into His presence by pouring your heart out to Him, He will meet you there.

    Pray continually; keep an attitude of prayer all through your day- He wants to be a part of everything you do: Work, play, rest and etc.

    If you do these things the distance you feel will evaporate and He will take you ever deeper into His Love.

    Many blessings in His matchless Name,
    your brother Larry.
    Psa 62:5 My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him.

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    Lots of prayer and faith. I was a backslider for many years for which I will always regret. Since coming back to Jesus, my faith is stronger than ever.
    God knows that we all are sinners and will stumble from time to time. Ask his forgiveness again show him your love and you will see his blessings multiply in your life.
    May God bless you!

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