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    Zionism and Solomons Talents

    1.What do The talents in 1 Kings 10 signify in relationship to the mark in rev 13.

    2.I don't understand why many in the truth movement are all fired up about the zionists.
    The whole concept perplexes me. This is a heavy topic I know.
    Who are the Zionists?
    What is all this anti-zionist sentiment about?
    How do most Christians feel about this issue?
    I would be happy if someone could enlighten me on any of these subjects.

    3. Do these two topics have anything to do with each other?
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    This is way over my head, like you I am waiting too.

    But, I am not sure what you are talking about?
    Deal with it.

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    I have no idea of any connection of talents from 1 Kings 10 with the mark of the beast. Sounds dodgy to me.

    Zionists are Jews who believe Israel is their God given property. They believe today's nation of Israel is only part of this property. Some Christians believe the covenant God made in Genesis 15 is irrevocable, while others suggest it was dependent on Israel's obedience. I lean towards Israel's rightful claim to the land, which today is much smaller than the land God gave them btw, because we know from Romans 11 that God's gifts to Israel are "without repentance." for eg.

    I don't see any connection between 1 and 2.

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    I think I found a good explanation. I found a terrific series on you tube called know your enemy. part 60. gave me the answer I was looking for, and leaning to. The filmmaker also gave me a new insight I hadn't thought of.
    I just finding my study of the Bible to be amazing!
    World events just seem to be culminating to what the Bible says would happen. It seems like this information is just happened so fast, the internet bam, bam, bam

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