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    May God hold all of you. He will if you let him.

    My name is Winfred L. Carson Jr. Nickname is Kit, so I do not hide behind a computer screen name. I am me.
    I thought about changing my screen name to ......It finally sunk in, as it did finally sink in.

    Once upon a time a wise preacher, one of the good ones, told me a simple story, he says Kit you are in a circle, you are in that circle, God is in that circle and yes you will stumble and fall, but God will not let you fall off the edge. Yes you will find times when you are leaning over the edge but God will not let you fall off.

    How wise he was...!!

    I have read much lately, studied much and one day it became very clear.
    One can study and read too much, and allow the words of man to lead you astray. All these men mean well, but they are misguided by other men who also mean well, and some who do not. And Satan is in the mix all the time, he likes to turn our thoughts around and sneak up on us and justify some simply little thing, then a bigger thing and finally we begin to accept. So we become so involved in figuring things out.....we become stupid. We figure we know it all....and we know nothing.

    So the quest for explanation is over for me, I have found to never listen to man about things. To always go to God, and simply ask. I have found there are no contradictions in the many of you have went down that path?? Oh yea......we all do that. I did. But when you actually accept God, he will begin to talk to you and you will find any answer you need, is in his word. If you let man explain it to will go off to that edge of that circle.....but God will show you his truth.

    I am easy going, have a grand sense of humor, will try not to let that get out of control, will try to present common sense ways to look at things, but with always the intent of God in them. I do not quote scriptures by themselves, as they taken out of the entire story always lead to interpretations by man.....down that ole road again.
    So I speak from the heart, and what the word of God places there.

    In life I am a self employed Master Plumber, times are tuff, and work is slow....which has given me time to seek the word of God again and has given me new understanding, of many things, and I have realized finally, what he has been trying to pound into my small brain.....but it takes no brain....only to ask....and you will see.

    So Hello....Again......

    An easy way, a smile and a sense of humor, a love for life and a love for God, that is me.

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    Hello Kit.

    Nice name, I knew a guy with the same name.

    Welcome here at TJ.
    Deal with it.

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