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    Found the cure for my wheezing, scratchy throat

    I'm very sensitive to smoke and unfortunately last week I was exposed to cigarette smoke and wood burning smoke.

    Last night into this morning I wasn't feeling good at all. My throat was itchy and I was whistling while breathing. Last night I gargled some warm salted water, drank organic mango green tea with lemon and finally had 1 Tbsp of this magic syrup. The night's rest was not comfortable and this morning the itch was gone but my throat felt like it was closing up.

    I took 1 tbsp of this
    Honey Gardens wild cherry syrup

    The dosage is 1 every other hour but I took the second within the 1st hr. The results was great. The coughing stopped, runny nose, my chest was breathing easier, my throat felt normal.
    This is wonderful and best of all natural.

    Wild Cherry Syrup Proprietary blend: raw honey, apple cider vinegarº, wild cherry bark, elecampane rootº, propolis, rosehipsº, ginger rootº, licorice rootº, slippery elm bark, essential oils of lemon, peppermint and eucalyptus

    º = organic
    If you know anyone who have lung problems, breathing problems..have them try this.
    It's a small bottle can't remember how much I paid for it but it's $11.19 on their home site.

    Check with your doctors. I personally have always self medicated. It have honey so make sure you're not allergic.

    Apitherapy Raw Honey from Honey Gardens Apiaries-plant medicine
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    I have to agree..... Raw honey.. not processed... the more bee parts you find... the better....

    Honey (RAW) has also shown to heal Stomach ulcers... and prevents Viral, and Fungal infections... This has had great effect on upper respiratory problems...

    Honey also contains a high amount of Antioxidants.

    The University of California did a study and found that Raw Honey when consumed produced High levels of polyphenolic antioxidants in the blood stream... That kills free radicals and cancer cells in the body...before they grow and cause damage.

    Jesus Is Lord.

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