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    Anabaptists and Revelation Chapter 11.

    Anabaptists and Revelation Chapter 11.
    Chad/Brothers/Sisters, Have you read revelation chapter 11, they were anabaptists. Part - 1

    The Zwickau Prophets were early sixteenth century Anabaptists in Zwickau in Saxony. They were led by Nicholas Storch and attempted to achieve temporal rule by the spiritually elect (in a theocracy). They claimed to be directly commanded by the Holy Spirit and believed that they were acting in anticipation of the end-times, and they held anti-Catholic doctrines, such as rejection of infant baptism and doctrine by appeal to tradition and authority. In 1521, they moved to Wittenberg and grew in power and influence. However, they were opposed by Martin Luther and were removed from power by him in 1522.

    The Münster Rebellion was an attempt by radical Anabaptists to establish a theocracy in the German city of Munster. The city became an Anabaptist center from 1534 to 1535, and fell under Anabaptist rule for 18 months — from February 1534, when the city hall was seized and Bernhard Knipperdolling installed as mayor, until its fall in June 1535. It was Melchior Hoffman, who initiated adult baptism in Strasbourg in 1530, and his line of eschatological Anabaptism, that helped lay the foundations for the events of 1534–1535 in Münster. The rebellion

    After the Peasants’ War, a second and more determined attempt to establish a theocracy was made at Münster, in Westphalia (1532–1535). Here the group had gained considerable influence, through the adhesion of Bernhard Rothmann, the Lutheran pastor, and several prominent citizens; and the leaders, Jan Matthys (also spelled Matthijs, Mathijz, Matthyssen, Mathyszoon), a baker of Haarlem, and Jan Bockelson or Beukelszoon, a tailor of Leiden, had little difficulty in obtaining possession of the town and deposing the magistrates. Matthys was a follower of Melchior Hoffman, who, after Hoffman's imprisonment at Strasbourg, obtained a considerable following in the Low Countries, including Bockelson. Bockelson and Gerard Boekbinder had visited Münster, and returned with a report that Bernhard Rothmann was there teaching doctrines similar to their own. Matthys identified Münster as the "New Jerusalem", and on January 5, 1534, a number of his disciples entered the city and introduced adult baptism. Rothmann apparently accepted "rebaptism" that day, and well over 1000 adults were soon baptized. Vigorous preparations were made, not only to hold what had been gained, but to proceed from Münster toward the conquest of the world. The town was being besieged by Franz von Waldeck, its expelled bishop. In April 1534 on Easter Sunday, Matthys, who had prophesied God's judgment to come on the wicked on that day, made a sally with only thirty followers, believing that he was a second Gideon, and was cut off with his entire band. He was killed, his head severed and placed on a pole for all in the city to see, and his genitals nailed to the city gate. Bockelson, better known in history as John of leiden, was subsequently installed as king.

    Claiming to be the successor of David, he claimed royal honours and absolute power in the new "Zion". He justified his actions by the authority of visions from heaven, as others have done in similar circumstances. He legalized polygamy, and himself took sixteen wives, one of whom he beheaded himself in the marketplace. Community of goods was also established. After obstinate resistance the town was taken by the besiegers on June 24, 1535, and in January 1536 Bockelson and some of his more prominent followers, after being tortured, were executed in the marketplace.

    Their dead bodies were exhibited in cages, which hung from the steeple of St. Lambert's Church; the cages still hang there, though the bones were removed later.

    Peace Be With You

    Chad/Brothers/Sisters, Have you read revelation chapter 11, they were anabaptists. Part - 2

    “Blessed is the one who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy and keep what is written in it, because the time is near.” “ ‘And behold, I am coming quickly. Blessed is the one who keeps the words of the prophecy of this book’” (Revelation 1:3; 22:7). So begins and so ends the book that has no equal, that opens the seal stamped on the mystery of all the ages; and we are commanded in it only to tear this Babylon down with our own hands.

    The concept of the antichrist distorting, obscuring and suppressing the truth contains implicitly within itself recognition of the need for the ultimate restoration of prophecy to the earth, and we find the Scripture in Revelation 10:11-11:14 predicting in the clearest imaginable terms the appearance together of two prophets long after the Biblical period and yet long before the last days to undo the work of the second beast and function as a foreshadow of the universal restoration to be accomplished at the conclusion of the age, that being “the restoration of all things that God has spoken of through the mouth of His holy prophets since the ancient days” (Acts 3:21); and these were the two prophets referred to above, the first called John of Leyden and the second Bernard of Munster, this latter bearing the spirit of Peter to whom my Lord said, “When you will be old, you will stretch your hands out and another will flay you and bear you up where you have no wish to be” (John 21:18).

    Surely it is the instantaneous recognition of self-evident truth that is most prized in the sight of the Holy One, but yet for all that come and see how many signs the prophets of Munster fulfilled! For they bore the first of the two swords, smiting off with it the right ear of Malchus (whose name means Empire), for the image of the beast of Revelation 13:14-15 represents the successor polities to the Roman Empire with the so-called Holy Roman Empire the type of them all, and they converted the entire city of Munster into a commune, the life of the commune being the first degree of beatitude (Mark 10:29-30), and raised insurrection against all the forces of Babylon — “and then they feared greatly, because Gibeon was a great city, as one of the main cities of the kingdom” (Joshua 10:2) — and were therefore besieged by an army led by a Catholic bishop to the south of the city and by a second one under the command of Martin Luther himself, his hands already stained with the blood of hundreds of thousands of peasants exterminated in accordance with his directives in 1524-25, to its north, and to superimpose the head of Malchus over the map of that Empire would place his right ear at Munster; but the ear was healed for then, and the second sword has been held in abeyance all this while for the world rising of these last days, now that the Time has come. And they prophesied the three and a half predicted years (initially at Leyden), and those were years of drought in that region, but clothed in sackcloth, for the gore of all the world was yet splattered over the maw of Grendel and he shrieking in delight; and he soon broke into Munster and could not now bear the crushing of men by one blow as was his custom but tore off the skin of the prophets piece by piece, his kidneys tingling with pleasure all the while, the hag named Progress, that second of his kind, standing by and smirking, now with the thought of the convent and now with that of the laboratory to come; and this was in January of 1536. When they escaped the horror of the fiends’ lair, a horror compared to the crucifixion of their Lord, and entered again into His joy and the dimension of the Garden, their corpses were then suspended in cages from the spires of the Munster cathedral, that effervescence of green and purple streaked with red — surely He spurns the temples made by hands — breaking surface over the lair of the fiends sunk far below in the depths of the gloom, “over the broad square of the great city, which is called according to the spirit of it Sodom and Egypt, where also their Lord was crucified” (Revelation 11:8); and this continued for three and a half centuries to fulfill 11:9-10 and no one, not Catholic, not Protestant, not French libertarian, thought it proper to bring the corpses down and bury them until the time had come, and that was in 1881, 345 years after the date of their martyrdom, so great was the fear that their ministry had awakened in the hearts of all the rulers of Europe, not a man of them excepted, and that it had been centered in a city as well, and they had thought that surely all cities were theirs alone and that men would only groan from out of the cities forever (Job 24:12) and that in them by their nature could be found only darkness with no admixture of light at all; and how great was their joy that they could by this symbol demonstrate their victory over the prophets, if only for a while, and repress the sure knowledge their ministry had brought them of the doom to come of their class.

    Therefore this teaching of revolution, like all other components of the doctrine of the ancient Gospel, now restored, is not the result of speculation or of whim, but is absolute truth confirmed by three noble witnesses, emanations of His Spirit and will, whose substance and true reality are in the Hidden World but whose projections have been cast on this screen of the world of men, being the Scripture of truth, the manifestations of the Holy Spirit that operates in and through the lower class of all the societies, and that most ancient Faith, given to all the world at once when there was no impurity or stumbling block in it, ages and ages before the first of the children of the evil one.

    He shall bring those who dwell on high down, even those of the lofty city; He shall lower it; He shall lower it to the earth, and shall bring it down to the dust. The foot shall tread it down, even the feet of the poor and the steps of the needy.

    — Isaiah 26:5-6

    — Barry I. Hyman


    Peace Be With You
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