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    Watch the Seed Grow: Sponsoring a Child

    :rose: I am a fairly poor person by North American standards, however I had it in my heart to please Jesus and sponsor a child about four years ago. I joined Christian Children's fund and asked for my $32.00 per month to go to a child in the most need. When I got a picture of this little girl from South America, boy did she look hard and scowly, but I thought to myself, I asked God to serve a child in need. Four years later, I am astounded and proud of her beautiful smiles and her desires to be a teacher. Her family has a decent and large enough home now, as my money goes to the family also and the community too. She is so artistic, happy and brilliant with her expectations for a promising future that she WILL accomplish. Just my little bit of money and prayers did all that. You know how proud I am of her and myself, to watch that seed grow into a blossoming flower. If you begin to sponsor a child, don't give up on it. Keep paying and just watch your flower bloom. Never let them down by letting go of your sponsorship. The world can be a garden for us, one plant at a time. Try funding a child for Jesus, for yourself, that child and his/her community as a special Christmas gift to yourself. It will be one of the best presents you could ever give yourself. Take care and love the poor and needy. Believe me, given the opportunity they will increase your love so much. Amen :rose:

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    HI well sponsoring a child is something which I have been thinking of lately. I would so much love to help another human being and thankyou so much for your encouraging post which has finalised my decision.

    God Bless

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