A Fifty-Year Thank You

He sent from above, He took me; He drew me out of many waters.
Psalm 18:16

Recommended Reading
Psalm 124

One day in 1964, five-year-old Eady Rothstein fell into a swimming pool in Long Island, New York. She would have drowned but for the efforts of Larry Brickman, 21, a lifeguard who knew CPR, which was rare at the time. Now, almost fifty years later, Eady used family scrapbooks and online search engines to locate Larry and express her gratitude. "I've always said I wanted to thank him," Rothstein said. "I owe my life, and it's a very nice feeling to finally be able to say, ‘Thank you.'" 1

It's always a very nice feeling to say "Thank you." Having a thankful spirit enhances our personalities and provides a powerful antidote for discouragement. Things don't always go our way, and sometimes we're "underwater" in life; but we have a Savior who redeems all our situations, a mighty hand that draws us up and sets our feet on a rock. He can make all things work together for good.

Don't wait a moment longer to tell Him: "Thanks!"

Whenever you stop being thankful in your spirit, you begin to push God to the perimeter of your life.
David Jeremiah

Lamentations 1-2