Don't Rush into this Relationship (1)

'Promise me... not to awaken love until the time is right.' Song of Songs 2:7 NLT

When we feel hurt and rejected there's something inside us that wants to prove we're still worthy and desirable. As a result we can jump into the next relationship too quickly. But just like an infant doesn't go from crawling to driving overnight, there's a process involved. If you try to circumvent it you'll end up back at square one, wondering what happened.

One author says: 'A new relationship won't successfully heal you, avoid aggravating inflicted wounds, or instantly clean up a mess...Regardless of the temporary bliss, sooner or later you'll end up faced again with your old stuff...If this is your situation, do things the right way.

Take your time...These things can't be feigned...rushed or...pursued. They'll be given to you when you're ready, and not a moment want the real deal this time...and [God] wants to be your filter, so in order to reach the treasure of your heart, a person must first pass through Him.'

Solomon writes that we should take care 'not to awaken love until the time is right.' Don't be in such a hurry to take the edge off your pain that you run ahead of God. It takes time for Him to make you into the person He wants you to become.

While He's working on you, He's preparing the heart of the right partner to show up at the right time. In the meantime, there's a way to fill the emptiness inside; work on developing a closer relationship with God and He will 'fill you and peace.' (Romans 15:13 NIV)

written by Bob Gass