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    Dancing in the spirit?

    Hey everyone.

    I just wonder what is dancing in the spirit?
    I know when I feel emotionally exited like firing inside of me or feel a bit drunk and dance by the expression of my praise but that what I think of dancing in the spirit.

    I know is mostly in the Pentecostal churches that dose but I'm just asking if this stuff come from the bible but I know is biblical to praise God in dancing in worship of our praise but is it from the bible but I just wondering what you know about "Dance In The Spirit?"

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    My opinion of dancing in spirit

    Even I had this doubt. But when the Holyspirit leads us into such an experience, we should give into it. You should not control the spirit leading. When we learn swimming, we give our body to the flow. Same way, we should give our body to the flow of the Holy Spirit. It is a kind of breaking the bondage of our body. After we worship like that, we can feel that we have grown more in him. May God bless you to have such a wonderful experience
    Anathema Maranatha, Jesus... come soon :lightning

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    Oh okay some people have been slain by the spirit after they be dancing but um I got a great article about slain in the spirit that will blow everybody mind like the article you've have seen here

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