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  1. Do you like the new site?
  2. Has Talked Jesus Helped or Inspired You?
  3. What Is Your Favorite Style of Christian Music
  4. hey, girls,poll for you!
  5. Screen Resolution: Survey
  6. New features on Talk Jesus
  7. What version Bible do you read?
  8. What connection do you use to connect to the Internet?
  9. Sensitive topic
  10. The Trinity - True or False
  11. Other ways to tithing other then tithing by money?
  12. Talk Jesus v2.0
  13. Please vote on this theme
  14. Prayer time in live chat room
  15. View Size
  16. $5 per month for chat system?
  17. New Chat Program: New Poll / New Software Options
  18. Do You Witness To Strangers ?
  19. In the End Times?
  20. Anyone take family vacations yearly ?
  21. Pretty, smart, or nice?
  22. How did you find TJ?
  23. Do you have a Spiritual Gift?
  24. Are You Ready???
  25. When you meet a Non-Believer?
  26. What Day?
  27. Favorite Book?
  28. Prayer Time
  29. Talk Jesus Book Store
  30. How Much Time Do You Spend At TalkJesus ?
  31. What came first the chicken or the egg?
  32. god's voice
  33. Holy Spirit
  34. Christian Concerts !
  35. What is the best way to let go?
  36. Whats your favorite Holiday ?
  37. how long have you been a Christian?
  38. When were you baptised?
  39. once saved, always saved????
  40. New Talk Jesus Design?
  41. Anyone here remember the 70's?
  42. Purpose Driven Life
  43. fav. instrument
  44. Forum for adult discussions?
  45. Are young marriages the solution to sexual immorality among teens and young adults?
  46. Once Saved Always Saved and Conditional Security
  47. What do you think is an important characteristic in a friend?
  48. T.V. ministry
  49. Using the Law before the Gospel?????
  50. Secular music
  51. Homosexuality
  52. Fav type of book??
  53. Favourite type of book??
  54. Favourite type of book?? - the correct one
  55. santa fraud
  56. New Additions to Talk Jesus
  57. How Much is Jesus Worth?
  58. Massive Prayer
  59. You decide
  60. Massive Prayer: February 25th 2006
  61. Massive Prayer: After Poll
  62. Patriot Act!
  63. Massive Prayer #2
  64. New Design
  65. Biggest need in the church?
  66. God's Chosen Fast.
  67. What are your Thoughts on REAL ID?
  68. Do we give money or food?
  69. Myspace
  70. Favorite animal?
  71. Speed
  72. Spiritual Survey
  73. Massive Prayer #4 (Poll)
  74. Holy Spirit
  75. Who makes the first move?
  76. Do You think you're doing enough??
  77. Suggested MP3's for live chat
  78. any Lebanese peolpe?
  79. End Times?
  80. Poll: Math question
  81. Suggest a song!
  82. How did you find Talk Jesus?
  83. Contests! Contests! Contests!
  84. Yoga: Okay for Christians or not?
  85. Cheerleader
  86. Do many of you say the Our Father
  87. which is the hardest?
  88. Did Jesus laugh with His friends?
  89. Help us to do a better job!
  90. New Feature
  91. Which browser do you use?
  92. Singing
  93. What's your strongest fruit?
  94. Walk away or help
  95. Talk Jesus Mail System
  96. New Chat Room
  97. Average age of TJ user!!
  98. Improvements
  99. How many of your friends are Christian?
  100. Harry Potter
  101. If you could go back in time..
  102. Would you want your husband/wife to...
  103. Do you go to church?
  104. Bible Reading: Have you ever...
  105. What impact does this have on YOU?
  106. The Sabbath
  107. Sabbath
  108. Sabbaths and Holy Convatations
  109. The White Horse
  110. Which one is Important?
  111. When do you think of God........
  112. Christmas Trees
  113. Heaven vs earth
  114. Real ID
  115. What would have happened if......
  116. Free Will: Yes or No?
  117. GOD talk to us through our dreams?
  118. Is it right to criticize a man of God?
  119. 'Baby Bible Basher' film
  120. Which is appropriate?
  121. Quick Forum Poll
  122. I have a question for you..........
  123. I have a question please help me!!!
  124. which band?
  125. Save,Watch or Call for help
  126. Does God Speak to Us?
  127. Physique and mentality
  128. Should Christians get HIV Tested ?
  129. Christians and Antidepressants
  130. Quote Design
  131. What do you love best about Talk Jesus?
  132. Do you support internet dating ?
  133. Does God exist inside or outside of TIME
  134. don't leave it too late.
  135. which band or singer? more option !
  136. rapture?
  137. which is the best switchfoot song ??????
  138. The passion of Christ, you vote
  139. what constitutes a godly man ?
  140. Is it ok to french kiss someone’s spouse
  141. Do you appreciate Philosophy?
  142. Characteristics!
  143. School Project
  144. Fundamentalist, evangelical, or liberal?
  145. Should Christianity be Taught in Schools
  146. how does it feel to be a...
  147. Should Christian men pierce?
  148. Site Feedback Poll
  149. Exchange Gifts???
  150. Edinburgh
  151. can a christian couple sleep togther ?
  152. Is abortion ever ok???
  153. God hold stocks with Sobe Beverage Co.?
  154. Someone confesses an abortion to you
  155. Celebrate Valentines day??
  156. Which church fellowship do you attend?
  157. New Name for Youth Group
  158. Church
  159. Font Style
  160. I'm curious. why do you come here?
  161. Does kid pageants promote child pornography ?
  162. Features: Poll
  163. does smoking cigarettes hinder a christian
  164. Do you keep the Saturday Sabbath?
  165. Was the Apostle Paul MARRIED?
  166. Feature Poll (June 28 2009)
  167. Do you hear God?
  168. God controls emotions?
  169. How badly does anger effect?
  170. Plx come and gimme ur opinion ..!!!~:P
  171. Children and Church
  172. the insertion of the microchip
  173. ''The Shack''
  174. The Bible
  175. Whats your 1st bible verse u memorized?
  176. did you 1st find God in a church building ?
  177. Is it God's will when bad things happen ?
  178. is it a sin for christian to go night clubbing
  179. proper dress in church
  180. Would God allow interplanetery travels? in the future
  181. Covenant before God vs Secular State Marriage ?
  182. When was the last time??
  183. Denominations in church names
  184. Do You Believe Something Comes Out Of The Grave?
  185. Do you think Christians can listen to any type of music
  186. Is Dr Quinn better than Universal Healthcare?
  187. What do you think of "Strong's Exhaustive Concordance"
  188. Lamsa Bible
  189. How did you discover TalkJesus?
  190. Who Do You Pray To?
  191. Thank you Jesus
  192. Super Bowl Poll
  193. Evolution or Creationism?
  194. Favorite Contemporary Christian Song?
  195. Am I required to follow the Law?
  196. Do you like traditional or modern churches?
  197. Is Jesus the Only Way to be Saved?
  198. Feel like you get ignored at times when you post?
  199. Talk Jesus New Design!
  200. Would you be willing to say Yes my God?
  201. Jesus, God or the Holy Spirit
  202. What Were We Created For?
  203. What kind of religion Islam is?
  204. Is euthanasia allowed by God?
  205. Somone chooses you to be accountable
  206. Is suicide a sin? Do you go to hell for it?
  207. Home school or Public/private school which is better ?
  208. Have Christian music replaced the gospel ?
  209. Different Religions
  210. Is this greed / covetousness?
  211. Would You Introduce Hallmark Icons to Your Kids?
  212. How Often Do You Read Your Bible?
  213. Tim Tebow is he doing it right?
  214. Accuracy of Music Lyrics
  215. born again
  216. Do You Watch Horror Movies?
  217. Favourite Nintendo System
  218. did i commit blasphemy of the holy spirit
  219. is there anything that can separate us from God?
  220. is OSAS lethal poison?
  221. is OSAS lethal poison?
  222. Under Grace, Should We Continue to Sin?
  223. Is the Warriors Book series a bad book for Christains?
  224. Do you have to believe in the Trinity to be saved ?
  225. should Christians allow some idols and not others.
  226. What would you do if aliens were real?
  227. Your Rapture view?
  228. Arminianism vs. Calvinism
  229. Jehovah's Witnesses: Cult, One True Church, Neither?
  230. Would the Lord bless scuceeding from the USA?
  231. Is baptism essential for salvation?
  232. Romney and the White Horse Prophecy, True or False ?
  233. should christians listen to classic music
  234. Top Ethical Options for Teens (Poll)
  235. Is everyone going to heaven?
  236. Do we need to reduce violence in the media?
  237. Do you believe it is possible to live a life without sin
  238. Is it sinful and vain for women to wear makeup?
  239. have you or would you get your children vaccinated
  240. When do Christian go to heaven?
  241. Do you wear your sunday best for church
  242. Can you be a Christian without loving your neighbor?
  243. What are your views on smoking?
  244. Children
  245. Sunday Law?
  246. Should children be corporally punished?
  247. Children's Church
  248. church
  249. Do you think Christians should tithe?
  250. How Did You Find Talk Jesus Forums?